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Integrated roof-mounted system and rear system



  • Easy to service through simple access to serviceable parts in the bus interior
  • Simple installation reduces the installation work for bus manufacturers
  • Fresh-air option with up to 100% fresh air
  • Can be installed with various condenser units
  • Additional evaporator available for double-decker buses
  • Integrated outgoing-air opening with patented recirculation, fresh-air and outgoing-air valve



  • Condenser coil 7 mm versus 10 mm with 30% larger surface
  • Weight reduction from 320 kg to 276 kg
  • Brushless condenser fans
  • Brushless evaporator fans
  • CSSD CAN control system instead of specialized old control system
  • Improvement in pressure drop (new design of the air duct, made of GFRP, new filter)
  • Fast installation
  • Easier to service