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100% Thermomanagement

The wishes of the customer in view

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Whether cooling, heating, or a combination of both—OEMs and body manufacturers will find the right system in our product portfolio. Eberspächer’s thermal management components are specially designed for the chassis, body, and the individual configuration. We focus not only on hardware and original equipment. Intelligent, digital control concepts for optimum energy utilization and customized diagnostic systems are a matter of course for us. Predictive maintenance solutions are the next logical step. The challenge—and our expertise—lie in how the components are integrated in the overall system. Complete thermal management for buses worldwide from one source.

From the development phase to professional after-sales service

Eberspächer Sütrak has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of bus air-conditioning systems and it is the AC competence center for bus air conditioning and bus heating in the Eberspächer Group. We stand for products specially matched to customer requirements and for close collaboration with the customer—from the development phase through to professional after-sales service. It is how we can offer the right thermal management solution for a wide range of requirements and vehicle segments.



100% thermal management.
Everything from a single source.

For more than 50 years, we have been developing customized system solutions that ensure optimum climate comfort in city buses, coaches, intercity buses, airport buses, school buses, and double-decker buses with conventional diesel drive systems or with the electric or hybrid drive systems of tomorrow. As a developer and supplier of systems, we combine air conditioning and heating applications to make complete systems. Our portfolio has all the right components, which can be easily integrated with one another to meet customer specifications.



Safe bus rides thanks to clean air:
CLEAN AIR by Eberspächer

The goal of our CLEAN AIR products is to improve the air in transit buses and coaches. For safer journeys in local buses and coaches, Eberspächer has developed a three-phase solution to ensure clean air in buses: Contaminated water droplets are captured by particulate filters and polarized media electronic air cleaners in the bus' air conditioning system. The UV-C LED modules are the ideal solution to render viruses harmless and thus ensure comprehensive purification of the air. Safe bus rides thanks to clean air.

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Environmentally friendly and safe:
CO2 as a natural refrigerant

In buses of various drive types, choosing the right refrigerant makes an ecological difference. The natural refrigerant R744, or simply CO2, is significantly more environmentally friendly and safer than the chemical agents R134a and R1234yf. With a global warming potential (GWP) value of 1, CO2 has the lowest global warming potential of mediums used in bus thermal management. In addition, CO2 is neither flammable nor toxic compared to other natural refrigerants such as ammonia or hydrocarbon. By using carbon dioxide, Eberspächer is making a significant contribution to a safer environment. In Europe and other temperate climates, in particular, these heat pumps are used because for temperatures as cold as -15 °C, additional electric or fuel-powered heaters are not needed. In this way, Eberspächer contributes directly to environmentally friendly public transport in cities.

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