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Electric roof-mounted air conditioning systems


AC136-435 HP

Modular system

  • System combines heating and cooling in a single device – reversible refrigerant circuit
  • Fast and easy installation on the bus roof thanks to modular design
  • For use in all climate zones
  • Side return air grille
  • Condenser suitable for tropical conditions in cooling mode
  • Tried and tested components in Eberspächer products, such as brushless 24 V DC fans and blowers

Maximum energy efficiency

  • Heat generation is up to three times more efficient than with electrical additional heater
  • The heat exchangers are designed to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Large-diameter fans increase MCHX efficiency with reduced power consumption
  • Available with chilled water production for battery thermal management solutions
  • Up to 100% fresh air supply
  • Optional single and dual channel power inverters for operation with HV DC power supply
  • Optimized efficiency (especially in heating mode down to -5 °C) for maximum bus range
  • Available with optional rooftop water heater for operation at lower ambient temperatures
  • Variable speed fans, blowers, and compressors to further optimize system efficiency


AC136 G4 AE

Modular system

  • Uniform interface
  • Lower installation costs
  • For use in all climate zones

Lightweight design

  • Flat-tube heat exchanger technology (MCHX)
  • Aluminum heat exchanger
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Aluminum pipes and components

Maximum energy efficiency

  • MCHX condenser covers a large cooling-capacity range using a small quantity of refrigerant
  • Fans with optimized blade geometry enable a high air flow with low power consumption
  • Variable cooling output
  • 100% fresh air for optimal ventilation and "free cooling" options in spring and autumn

Environmentally friendly

  • Reduced fuel consumption through lower weight
  • Noise reduction and lower energy consumption thanks to highly efficient condenser fans

Lower life-cycle costs

  • Brushless fan motors ensure long running times for condenser fans and evaporator fans
  • Block connections as per automobile standards ensure high tightness


AC353-5 + remote electrical compressor

  • For use in all kinds of buses equipped with side air ducting
  • For use in all climate zones
  • Environmentally friendly because less refrigerant is required
  • Reduced life-cycle costs
  • Standardized mounting surfaces and roof apertures makes installation simpler